Slow & Steady

Have confidence in your knowledge that the determined tortoise succeeds while the non-directed hare does not. Stay in your own lane.

Pass It Forward

"You must be able to feel that you have earned the right to these things you desire; that you deserve to have them-or that you are willing to make the effort necessary for their achievement. If this is your mental attitude toward the things you picture, your subconscious mind will see to it that you attain them, that circumstances are attracted to you which will enable you to realize your objective in life. The great need, today, for each and every one of us is to find our purpose. Without it we are as aimless in our journey on the sea of life as a ship without a rudder. All great accomplishments first happen in the mind of man. Until a man thinks he can do a thing, he is powerless to do it."

Harold M. Sherman

Balance inspiration with persistence, perspiration and patience. Keep your minds eye aimed directly on your target, and then keep moving to it, until precisely what you want is achieved.