Balance inspiration with persistence, perspiration and patience. Keep your minds eye aimed directly on your target, and then keep moving to it, until precisely what you want is achieved.

     The Master Formula for Making Your Daydreams Come True

" 1. Decide what you want. If you don't know what you want, you certainly can't get it. That is only natural. So decide on what you want: a million dollars, health, fun, clothes, a successful marriage.

  2. Put it on paper. You must see with your real eyes what your 'mind's eye' has visualized. In so doing, you impress upon your brain the daydream you want--and this makes it come true faster.

  3. Know where to start. Don't put the cart before the horse. Put your daydreams into logical sequence--proper order. Don't leap frog up the ladder. Go step by step.

  4. Set it in motion. A dream that lacks motion is never activated, so get the dream moving. It begins to take form with motion. You may make mistakes--but you are moving forward as you do.

  5. Don't settle for less. Once the hoop is moving it only takes gentle taps to keep it moving forward. 'Good enough' is not true success. Don't undersell your daydream. Make it pay off in full. And somehow it will.

  6. Recognize its arrival. Once the dream is realized then relax to enjoy it to its fullest. Don't curb ambition--but do curb greediness. Learn that what you have today was your Castle in Spain only yesterday."​                    Elmer (Mr. Sizzle) Wheeler

Slow & Steady

Have confidence in your knowledge that the determined tortoise succeeds while the non-directed hare does not. Stay in your own lane.

Pass It Forward